The risks of not having your teeth whitened by a professional

A pearly white smile is desirable to most – but did you know that teeth whitening can come at a cost? People who use DIY kits to get a celebrity smile, or opt for cheaper treatments at beauty establishments, often risk a whole host of dental healthcare problems as well as patchy or spotted teeth.

Why not to do-it-yourself

Over-the-counter whitening kits carry many risks – and while they may offer quick and a cheap alternative, the standard usually isn’t so great. In fact, some online products have been found to contain hydrogen peroxide at 150 times more than the permitted limit. The majority of other teeth whitening products, especially toothpastes, that do not contain hydrogen peroxide, use abrasive ingredients to achieve the same result instead.

In August this year, a young man, aged 22, nearly died, after a rare and severe allergic reaction to the Crest 1hr Express Strips left him with a bulging sac of peroxide bleach under his tongue. The chemical compound used in the strips is often used in homemade explosives. According to the ingredients on the packaging, this chemical compound makes up 15% of total solution used in the product.


Other risks with DIY kits include:

Stomach problems

Mouth infections


Gum Shrinking

Nerve Damage

Permanent tooth sensitivity

Some products also come with a high acidity level, which can damage the teeth, take out the enamel, and leave an undesirable patchy look.

Botch jobs at local beauty salons

With the teeth whitening trend having become more and more popular, many beauty salons have also jumped on board to offer the treatment. However, it’s likely that the solutions they’ll be using won’t be fit for the job. What’s more, they probably won’t be using plastic trays fitted to your teeth – resulting in poor, uneven results and the risk of bleaching gel leaking out onto your gums and into your mouth.

The NHS advises you should only go to a registered dental professional for teeth whitening. Teeth whitening carried out in beauty salons, by staff without any training or dental qualifications, not only carries a risk to your oral health, but is also illegal.

A service you can trust at AP Smilcare

At AP Smilecare we provide a professional teeth whitening service that guarantees that beautiful white smile you’ve always dreamed of. Our procedure is really quite simple – but it’s one that works and gives pearly whites that last.

The risks of not having your teeth whitened by a professional-results

      Before treatment                                                                    After treatment

What makes AP Smilecare stand out from the crowd is our unique combination of peroxides, which helps to maximise your teeth’s whiteness in the shortest possible time. Applied with custom made dental trays, designed to fit your teeth, the peroxide solution gradually lifts the colour of your smile until you reach a shade you’re happy with.

You, the patient, have complete control over the shade of your teeth. Whether you want a celebrity gleam or something more natural – the choice is yours. As you apply the gel to your teeth daily, using the trays, for between 1-4 hours, the end result is tailored completely to your preferences.

For more information on our two whitening packages – Enhance Whiten and Complete Whiten – get in touch with the team today. You can call us on 01252 297 000 to book your consultation.

Have you ever had a bad experience with a botch, or DIY teeth whitening treatment? If so, share your story with us in the comments below or tweet us @APSmilecare