The scary sweets to watch out for this Halloween

With frightening costumes and haunted houses, Halloween can be a scary time of year – but an enjoyable one too! There’s certainly lots of tempting sweets to enjoy, but beware: some can be a nightmare for your teeth. Don’t worry though, are experts in dental treatments here at AP Smilecare, we’re here to take some of the guesswork out of your sweet treats. We’ve already told you some of the best sweets to enjoy guilt-free at Halloween – but here are the ones to look out for!

Candy Apples

Caramel apples are popular treats for this time of year, and while they are generally thought to be an American treat, they’re becoming more common in the UK. Apples on their own can cleanse and clean your teeth, scrubbing away plaque and removing other food. But when you add in a sugary coating, this healthy snack can sometimes all-too-easily result in an emergency dental treatment! Sticky sweets, like the toffee coating on an apple, can get stuck in between your teeth for a long time, meaning bacteria has more time to grow, and can loosen teeth or remove fillings.


Popcorn is a whole grain and is often seen as a healthy snack, but when covered in sugar, it has the opposite effect, especially for your teeth. Add in the likelihood of biting down on an uncooked popcorn kernel, and you put your mouth at risk of cracked teeth or damaged implants. If you crack your tooth, you may feel pain when chewing, with cracked teeth unable to heal on their own. If you have dental implants, then eating popcorn can put stress on the implant, weakening it over time.

sour sweets

Sour Sweets

Sour sweets are a very popular choice to give to trick-or-treaters, but the acidity can have a terrifying effect on your teeth. These sweets contain citrus-based acids, which can damage your enamel and make you more vulnerable to cavities and tooth decay. If you’re planning on eating any sour sweets over the spooky season, it’s best to eat during mealtimes, ensuring your teeth can recover in between snacks. Similarly, sour sweets are normally chewy sweets, which should be avoided if you wear braces, as they can pull of the elastics which hold the wire in place. These kinds of sweets can also get stuck around and under your braces, which can make them difficult to clean properly, causing damage to your teeth.


Giving out lollipops at Halloween may seem like a good idea, especially as their size is relatively small compared with a chocolate bar. However, frequency of exposure is harmful for your teeth, and lollipops take a while to finish. Add into their crunchy texture which can crack your teeth if you wanted to finish them quicker, and they’re one of the worst sweets you can eat at this time of year.

You know the drill – the easiest way you can prevent Halloween candy from damaging your teeth is to brush twice a day, including before you go to sleep, and spot any developing issues early. If you think you may have damaged your teeth over Halloween, then you can call AP Smilecare on 01254 297 000. We can have a quick chat with you about which one of our dental treatments might be right for you, targeting the overall state of your oral care.