Our Five Top Tips For Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

One of our most recent blogs here at AP Smilecare went into detail about everything you might need to know about your wisdom teeth. If you’re gearing up for an operation to get your wisdom teeth removed – or you think it might be a likely possibility in your future – we’ve got some tips to help make your life before, during and after the procedure as smooth and stress-free as possible. It always pays to be prepared!

The main things you should know before getting your wisdom teeth removed are:

  1. Bring a friend
  2. Keep your head raised
  3. Have soft foods ready
  4. Skip your toothbrush for a day
  5. Take it easy!

So, here are the full details!

1. Bring A Friend To The Dental Clinic

If you’re the type of person who gets anxious before operations – as many people are! – you might be well ahead of us on this one already. Having a friend with you is great for providing a bit of moral support and easing your nerves ahead of the procedure (though of course, our dental sedation and hypnosis treatments can really help too!).

reassurance at dentist

It’s not just moral support though – you may well need to be medicated for the removal of your wisdom teeth, which means it’s a good idea to have help getting home. Driving is obviously out of the question, but even if you’re on foot, the remainder of the anaesthetic can potentially slow your reflexes enough to make it risky to cross busy roads (for example). It’s always best to have another set of eager eyes looking out for you, just in case.

2. Keep Your Head Raised After The Surgery

This will reduce swelling, which is a natural reaction after the operation. Your body responds to surgery by moving white blood cells and fluid to the area of inflammation. Generally, it should last no longer than 24 hours, so in the meantime the best way to deal with it is to put a cold compact on the swollen area, and keep your head raised. (This pulls fluids away from your head.)

3. Stock Up On Soft Foods To Eat After Surgery

Anyone who’s ever had braces will know what we’re talking about here. Your mouth (and teeth especially) will be very delicate after the surgery, which means you’ll want to steer well clear of anything tough or crunchy. Chicken wings, for example, would be one to avoid, whereas something like porridge or oatmeal would likely be far more palatable in the time it would take you to recover.

tooth pain

The list of foods that most experts recommend after wisdom teeth removal includes:

If you’ve got any doubts about individual foods, most of the time you’ll be able to rely on common sense. If it looks or seems like it might cause you problems, always play it safe! It helps to organise your stock cupboard well in advance, so you don’t have to go to the trouble of a supermarket trip on the day.

4. Skip Your Toothbrush For A Day

Obviously, it’s not advice you’d hear us give often as dental professionals, but just after you’ve had an operation, it’s definitely best to skip your toothbrush for 24 hours (possibly even longer, depending on if you’ve been given any specific advice by your dentist). Even rinsing and spitting is a bad idea. Instead, if you really need some relief, take a damp cloth and very delicately wipe the inside of your mouth, being especially careful to avoid your stitches. You can also use to gauze to absorb any blood. That’s if desperate times call for desperate measures, though. On the whole, we’d advise leaving it well enough alone.

5. Take It Easy!

relaxing on sofa

Finally, make sure you clear your schedule for a day. Your to-do list can wait until you’re a bit more mobile and alert. In the meantime, have a cosy cushion ready on the sofa, and the remote laid out on the coffee table. On the other hand, you could opt for a literal duvet day. To be honest, that option would be even better for your health. Getting plenty of sleep actively helps the healing process, and it means that you have less waking time to have to deal with the after-effects, too.

As for how long it will take you to recover, that can vary depending on the nature of the procedure. You can always ask us just before or just after your operation, or alternatively give our dental clinic in Blackburn a call on 01254 297 000. While you’re on our site, why not take a look at our range of core dentistry services, and find out more about how we can keep your smile looking amazing?