Our Top Skincare Tips For Date Night On Valentine’s Day

You don’t need us to tell you that date night is all about looking good, and once you’ve got your outfit all ready to go, your next biggest priority should be your skin. Perhaps even your first – after all, you don’t want your skin to let down the effect of a stunning outfit. Don’t worry – at AP Skincare, we’ve got you covered. This week on the blog we’re covering some top skincare tips to help you look good on date night. That means not just Valentine’s Day, but all year round!

1. Don’t Neglect The Basics

In the lead-up to your next date, you know the drill when it comes to your skin: cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate. Cleansing is the first key step, which sweeps away all the dirt, oil, makeup and other debris which might otherwise settle into your pores, and ultimately cause spots or other imperfections – the worst nightmare for any date night! For the best results, we’d always advise thoroughly exfoliating, too. This helps to remove any dead skin cells still hanging around, preventing your skin from becoming dull and maintaining a healthy glow for when date night comes around.

Experts advise using retinol, too. We talked about how retinol benefits your skin in a recent blog post, and take it from us, it’s effectiveness is unparalleled in making sure your skin stays amazing. Applying moisturiser is another must, to ensure your skin stays hydrated and provides longer-lasting makeup hold.

2. Get Your Beauty Sleep The Night Before!

beauty sleep skincare

Speaking of moisturiser, lots of the experts advise using a moisturiser that works overnight. As you lay down to rest yourself ready for the next day to begin, this is more or less exactly what your skin’s doing too – nighttime is the prime time that your skin uses to repair itself, which is why applying moisturiser at this point almost always helps you to wake up with beautifully refreshed skin.

Here’s another key tip that most people forget – make sure you get enough sleep! Almost exactly this time last year we posted about the effects of tiredness on your skin, and trust us, they can be pretty potent! Amongst other things, without decent sleep your skin doesn’t get the chance to properly repair itself, which can lead to those dreaded dark circles under your eyes!

3. On The Day

skincare in the mirror

Above all else, don’t rush! Give yourself plenty of time before you go to check yourself over for any blemishes or imperfections, so you can cover them carefully with concealer if you decide you want to. By giving yourself time, too, it means you don’t have to skip any steps in your evening routine, so you can apply your makeup with the confidence that your skin has never looked better. It would be a shame to let all that preparation go to waste!

And perhaps the most important tip – once you’ve finished, leave all your worries at home, and don’t forget to have fun! Have faith in your skincare abilities, and concentrate the rest of your energy on enjoying your date for the night.

If you decide you need a little help from the experts, well, that’s what we’re here for! Our no-downtime derma facials and chemical peel treatments are ideal for giving your skin a quick boost ahead of a romantic night out, so can benefit from not just the immediate ‘glow’ but also a longer-lasting stimulation to help get your skin looking just the way you want it.