Top tips for treating sunburn

While we’ve had a lack of spring sunshine so far, the summer holidays are well on their way.

Whether you’re going to be heading to sunny climates abroad, or you’ll be holidaying in the UK, you’ll almost certainly be at risk of sunburn at some point this summer.

It’s all too easy to be a victim of sunburn. Even if the sun’s rays seem harmless, you may still be at risk from UVB rays.

While suntan lotion provides that all-important protection, it must be applied regularly and at a high enough factor to ensure adequate protection against sunburn.

If you feel your skin burning while sitting in the sun, or come out of the sun and spot sunburn, it’s important to get out of the sun immediately.

While the damage has already been done, you can minimise further complications and help your skin to repair itself by following some of our top tips:

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

Even the mildest sunburn can benefit from a good moisturising lotion.

A moisturising lotion will also help to maintain and enhance your tan.

Aloe Vera-based lotions are particularly helpful, due to the plant’s high water content and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Alternatively you could apply a cream or lotion such as Eucerin.


Soothe inflammation with a cold compress

Bad sunburn will lead to inflammation of the skin. This can be soothed by a cold water compress.

You compress should comprise of an ice soaked cloth applied to the sun damaged area.

As the cloth reaches body temperature it should be soaked again to keep your skin cool.

This process can be repeated several times a day for 10 minutes or so at a time.

It’s important to remember this process can dry out your skin, so it must be complemented by a good moisturising routine to further help the skin’s healing process.

Ice cubes

Allow your body to recover

Just like any regular illness, your body needs time to recover from sunburn.

You need to allow yourself plenty of time for rest, ensure that you drink adequate fluids, take painkillers if necessary and put the right foods into your body to maintain your vitamin and nutrient levels.

To help with the pain and sensitivity of sunburn, you could try sprinkling some talcum powder on your sheets to avoid them from rubbing your wound.

You could also apply a water-based emollient or jelly – such as Aloe Vera gel or Vaseline to keep your skin cool and moist.


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