Turn back time with dermal fillers

Over the years your face structure changes. You may notice your cheekbones begin to sink inward, along with your forehead and nose, and the downward drooping of the skin. This, along with wrinkles, crow’s feet, laughter lines and dimples can make the aging process a little disheartening to say the least.

But did you know there was a skincare solution that could help to rectify this problem? One that can rejuvenate your skin and help to restore things to the way they once were? We offer that solution for you here at AP Skincare.

Tackling the signs of aging

Dermal fillers can help to tackle these common problems. Used to restore lost volume and to smooth out lines, they’re a popular way to rejuvenate the skin and give you back some of that youth. At AP Skincare, we offer a tailored dermal filler service, assessing your skin and helping you to decide on the areas that can be effectively treated. What’s more, Dr Prasad conducts the whole process – so you can be assured you’re in safe and expert hands right from your initial consultation through to your client review after the procedure.

Benefits of dermal fillers

At AP Skincare, we use the liquid compound Juvaderm™ to guarantee the results that all of our clients are looking for. While there are many products on the market, we ensure we only use the best Juvaderm™ is a hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler and hyaluronic acids are naturally produced by the body to retain water.

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