What is a smile makeover and how much will it cost?

Smiles can signal to others you are happy, healthy and even approachable! Having a beautiful smile can boost your confidence and even improve the health of your teeth and gums!

People may choose to alter their smile for any number of reasons to improve chewing, fill gaps from removed teeth, or to improve the health of teeth and gums.

But, you might be wondering what is a smile makeover and what types of procedures could help improve your smile?

What is a smile makeover?

Smile makeovers are commonly thought of as purely cosmetic, but in reality, they’re so much more than that!

A smile makeover is the process of improving the appearance and health of your of the teeth and gums through a series of dentistry procedures.

During our initial assessment we’ll assess the heath of your jaw, gum foundation and teeth using a combination of visual, x-ray, and will make models of your teeth. From there, we can recommend the best course of treatment options to help you get a smile you can be proud of!

What kind of treatments can I get to improve my smile?

At APSmilecare we offer a range of dental services and treatments to improve your smile! The important thing to remember is a smile makeover depending on your desired results may take time, but in the end it will be worth it!

It’s worth noting a smile makeover can’t give you a specific celebrities smile, however, our experts will help you get a smile that ‘looks right’ for you.

Through our services we can can help you improve the colour, symmetry, straightness, and filling minor gaps including spaces where teeth have even extracted.


The colour and general appearance of your smile can be improved with three primary procedures including teeth whitening, using ICON resin for mottled teeth, and even veneers rebuild a naturally curved healthy smile.

The clampdown on illegal teeth whitening treatments


Improving the symmetry of a smile means balancing the right and left sides of your teeth. We can help patients, like you, even out chipped, jagged, or uneven wear on your teeth!

Depending on the severity and your specific circumstances there’s a variety of treatments methods including enameloplasty, composite infills, crowns and even veneers.


The straightness of your smile can be improved with Specialist Orthodontic treatments for adults! We offer a large range solutions for adult tooth straightening including Invisalign, incognito lingual braces, and even tooth coloured braces!


All of our adult braces and Orthodontic services are chosen to help adults maintain a normal and active lifestyle.

Filling gaps

Over years our teeth shift and will move around and sometimes this can create small gaps between teeth. You may also need to have teeth removed for a number of reasons which can leave a space between them making the surrounding teeth more vulnerable to decay and cavities.

The treatment you will need will vary largely depending on the size of the gap and the health of surrounding teeth. We may recommend a bridge, crown, enameloplasty or composite, or veneers to close the gap in your smile.

How much will a smile makeover cost?

As you’ve seen there are a lot of different treatments and services involved in getting a smile makeover. This means cost will depend on two large factors including what your teeth look like now, and what you want them to look like at the end!

You may only need whitening, or you may need a crown for your back teeth, and veneers on the front, or several other combinations of services! A smile you can be proud of can boost your confidence and can improve the overall health of your teeth.

To find out how our services can help you, we recommend you book a new patient consultation to find out exactly what services you’ll need and for an accurate costing!

At AP Smilecare, we want to help you get the beautiful straight smile you’ve always dreamed about! If you’d like to know how a smile makeover can improve the look, feel and health of your teeth and gums, book a consultation now or give us a call on 01254 297 000 to see how we can help!