What’s important about collagen?

We all want to find the secret to youthful, plumped-up skin, but what role does collagen really have to play? With collagen pills and collagen-stimulating creams on the market, we’re discovering what treatments really work and sharing the secret to smooth, radiant, and plumped-up skin.

What is collagen?

whats important about collagen

Collagen is a protein that’s present in all of our bodies, but its production reduces with age. In fact, collagen production begins to decline from the age of 30.

As collagen is responsible for sustaining the body’s structure, when it decreases your skin can suffer. Over time, your skin will lose its plump and youthful appearance as collagen production slows down.

Why stimulate collagen production?

what is important about collagen

If you want to maintain that youthful, plumped up look, collagen is essential. It helps your skin stay firm and maintain its elasticity and prevents against dreaded wrinkles and sagging.

By increasing the amount of collagen in the body, through treatments and supplements, you can help slow down the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Collagen will also tackle common complaints including dehydrated skin, roughness, and lack of elasticity.

Collagen treatments: The truth revealed

Myth one: An anti-ageing cream can stimulate collagen production

Collagen can’t be absorbed through the skin – so all your anti-aging creams and potions won’t help to produce the collagen your skin needs. Collagen molecules are too big to penetrate the skin’s surface. This is why many people have turned to treatments, like our Edermaroller Collagen Therapy, and supplementation.

Myth two: Collagen-rich foods can help improve the elasticity of skin

There are a number of collagen-rich foods, like salmon, sweet potato, and avocado, but they haven’t been proven to slow down the ageing of your skin. While they deliver a number of health benefits, your body actually breaks down the collagen molecule to use it as fuel – rather than using it to firm up the skin.

Myth three: Once collagen production has slowed down, you can’t restore it

Your body produces collagen every day, all year round – no matter what your age. While production slows down with age, it can be stimulated through the use of active ingredients. It’s these ingredients we use in our specialist skincare treatments at AP Skincare.

Tackle anti-ageing at AP Skincare

There are a number of products and treatments that help to generate the collagen we need for that youthful, plumped-up look. At AP Skincare, we offer one of the best collagen treatments on the market – Edermaroller Collagen Therapy.

This specialist treatment helps tackle the signs of ageing, improve the tone and glow of your skin and tackling all those lines and wrinkles. Our Edermaroller treatment also offers that much needed hydration that over 30s skin so often lacks. After a course of three treatments, your skin will look younger, softer, and rejuvenated. For more information, give the AP Skincare team a call today on 01254 297000.

If you’re looking for more affordable ways to look after your ageing skin, why not browse our skincare product range? We have a number of anti-ageing products, designed to stimulate the cells and leave you with youthful, hydrated skin. Discover the full anti-ageing range here.

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