Why Do Customers Love Our ZO Skincare Range?

Your skin’s welfare is our top priority here at AP Skincare, so when it comes to the products we stock, we only choose the best. And amongst these, our ZO Skincare range stands out as one of the crème de la crème! Time and again we’ve seen our customers overjoyed with the sorts of results they produce for your skin, so we thought it was worth telling you a bit more about what’s involved…

Carefully Formulated To Produce Amazing Results

Our ZO Skincare range is produced by health industry giant ZO Skin Health. Since it first began, its stated aim has been “to provide physicians and patients with the world’s most innovative and effective skin health solutions.” And they deliver! Using cutting edge science supported by the extensive clinical experience of their staff, ZO Skin Health makes their products to blend the best aspects of both therapeutic treatments and daily care, so that patients can get the best of both worlds no matter their age or skin condition.

The company is led by Dr Zein Obagi, a board-certified dermatologist who’s built his career on caring for the skin of top Hollywood stars – so you know that with ZO Skincare, you’re only getting the best! His mission is to help patients achieve skin that’s naturally smooth, hydrated, healthy and young-looking, so that you’re always looking and feeling truly amazing. Dr Obagi also puts a lot of personal faith in the relationship between dermatologist and patient, which means that ZO Skin Health is mostly sold through treatment centres like ours.

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How ZO Skincare Does Wonders For Your Skin

Speaking of dermatologists, here at AP Skincare there’s no one more experienced than our very own Jo Prasad. With a decade of experience in providing Facial Aesthetics, she knows exactly how to produce the best results for your skin (and is quite willing to say if even doing nothing would be the best solution!).

“We very much recommend the ZO range.” she says. “It’s highly effective in encouraging healthy skin, and the treatment of pigment and acne. We also recommend the ZO Peels; they’re fabulous at creating that airbrushed smooth look to your face. Great for pre-party preparation!”

What’s more, you may well find that ZO Skincare is especially helpful now that we’re moving into spring and sunny weather. Amongst the many benefits it provides is tinted sunscreen for daily defence. We’ve talked many times before about the kind of effect that sun can have on your skin – even when it appears cloudy out! The sunscreen in ZO’s range excels at protecting you from daily sun damage, and since the sunscreen is tinted you don’t have to worry about it leaving a whitish pallor to your skin.

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It also includes cleansers to exfoliate and cleanse the oil that can build up on your skin, while its oil control acts to keep it looking smooth and beautiful. On top of this, active growth serums work on the collagen and underlying structure of your skin, leaving it stronger and firmer while protecting you against the signs of ageing. Finally, active night repair helps your skin to recover from the daily damage inflicted on it, accelerating the repair and making it more efficient, so you’re looking fresher for the morning.

A number of our customers here at AP Skincare can already attest to the sorts of brilliant results it produces, and our expert dermatologists are always responsible about how we prescribe it. If you want to experience some of these results for yourself, how about popping down to our Blackburn skincare clinic, where you can have a chat with us about what’s involved in one of our chemical peels, or choose from a whole range of our core skincare treatments.