Why do I need to see a dental hygienist?

If you want to maintain good oral health and a sparkling smile, there are just three things we recommend. Firstly, you need to maintain a good oral health routine, brushing and flossing your teeth every day. Secondly, we recommend bi-annual visits to your dentist to keep any problems at bay. Last, but certainly not least, we recommend bi-annual visits to your dental hygienist for an extra intensive clean. As one of the most comprehensive dentists Blackburn has to offer, we have all your oral health needs covered. As an AP Smilecare patient, you’ll get to see the best in dentists and have access to fantastic dental hygienists too!

The benefits of visiting a dental hygienist

patient and dental hygienist

Your dental hygienist offers a very different service to your dentist. Some of the benefits include:

  1. A professional clean

Your dentist assesses the overall health of your teeth and looks after any necessary treatments. However, they don’t professionally clean your teeth. Instead, that’s the dental hygienist’s role. Your dental hygienist will professionally clean your teeth, removing any stubborn tartar and plaque and consequently preventing issues like gum disease. Best of all, the scale and polish will leave your teeth looking bright, white and feeling silky smooth.

  1. Oral health education

A dental hygienist can also help you improve your oral health by educating you on the best ways to look after your teeth. Whether it’s tips on brushing or flossing, your hygienist has all the tips and advice you need.

  1. Detailed oral health assessment

During your deep clean, your hygienist will also look out for indications of poor oral health. They can diagnose oral diseases such as gingivitis, take dental x-rays and advise on best treatment plans.

What happens at your dental appointment?

dental hygienist

Not all dentists have a hygienist, but at AP Smilecare we’re proud to offer hygienist appointments alongside our dental appointments.

Most AP Smilecare clients book their dental hygienist appointment to coincide with their dental appointment. This saves time and ensures you only visit your dentist twice yearly. If you’re visiting the dental hygienist upon the advice of your AP Smilecare dentist, we can usually make sure you’re seen within two or three weeks.

Your hygienist appointment will begin with an intensive clean of your teeth. If any issues are picked up along the way, your hygienist will assess them during the appointment – advising on treatment and offering advice. There will also be time to discuss any oral health topics. So – if you need a little advice on flossing, a recommendation for the best toothpaste for your teeth, or help on effective brushing methods, your hygienist will be able to help.

We don’t just offer regular dental maintenance here at AP Smilecare. Cosmetic treatments are also available for those that want to transform their smile. Explore our range of Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments today.

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