Your top skincare priorities for spring and summer

It’s no stretch to say that spring and summer are, in many people’s eyes, the most wonderful seasons of the year. It’s a time that we can enjoy warm days and evenings and spend precious hours outdoors in the company of those we love most, whether on holiday or in our own garden. It can be a time of fun and adventure, but even when you’re having fun, it’s still important to think about what’s best for your skin. Here’s our guide to the three priorities you should keep in mind when the sun comes out and the temperatures rise.

Protecting yourself and your loved ones in the sun

Few things are more pleasant than lazing under a sunny sky, but few things are worse than waking the next day with sunburn. It can not only be incredibly painful in the short-term, but it can also create long-term problems, including (in the worst case scenario) skin cancer. That’s why it’s so important to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun, but that doesn’t mean that you have to remain indoors during the spring and summer months. If you want to enjoy sunny days in safety, our Heliocare products are just what you need – thanks to their broad-spectrum protection formula, they also help to guard against the ageing effect that UV exposure can bring to your skin.

applying suncream

Avoiding excessive perspiration

Hot, sunny weather can provide a bronzed, healthy look, especially when using the latest protection products from Heliocare, but perspiration is something to think about too. For people who have naturally overactive sweat glands, the summer can be, at best, uncomfortable, and it can even lead to becoming dehydrated. Thankfully, we provide highly effective anti perspiration treatments amongst our range of core treatments, right here at AP Skincare. The reduction in moisture production has a whole range of physical and psychological benefits, particularly with the freshness and confidence you feel.

Exfoliate your way to smoother skin

All of us are constantly producing a new layer of the epidermis, i.e. the top layer of skin, so if we want to have smooth, youthful skin it’s important to regularly exfoliate away the old, dead layers. Exfoliation makes you feel great as well as look great, and it’s even more important in spring and summer when your skin can quickly become tired and dehydrated, or even burnt.

It’s also important to keep your skin moisturised during warmer months of the year, especially since it’s under more stress from the elements than usual! We’ve already touched on one of the easiest ways to do this – just drink lots of water! Always remember that your number one priority is to protect your skin in the sun, but you can still have fun all year round and have great looking skin all year round too. In addition to our anti-perspiration treatments, we also have a whole range of core treatments here at AP Skincare. You can click the link to browse them in full, or just drop by our Blackburn treatment centre to book an appointment!