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Invisalign Clear Braces

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the world’s safest and most recognised of the ‘Adult Brace’ options.

What makes Invisalign superior to all other adult brace systems is its unique patented clear aligner system. These clear aligners fit invisibly over your teeth, exerting gentle pressure on them over time. This pressure has a fantastic track record for correcting minor issues for the front upper and/or lower teeth, while minimising discomfort during the procedure. Invisalign can help tweak an individual tooth or several at once – you decide.

Invisalign is also the only brace system that can provide you with images of exactly how your teeth will look at the end of treatment, so you can be reassured that you’ll get the result you desire!

The Ap Smilecare Invisalign Treatment

We are proud to have been chosen as the Invisalign ‘I Go’ providers for our local area. The Invisalign system is a universal brand, with many years of successful care in correcting misaligned or crowded teeth. Renowned for its high rate of effectiveness, Invisalign is especially recommended in cases of working to a deadline, or if you only need your front teeth adjusting.

It’s fast, too – we generally estimate the treatment to take anywhere between six to 12 months, but it can often be as little as three. Perfect if you want that great smile for a special occasion!

During the initial consultation, our experts at AP Smilecare will work closely with you to design your smile. We’ll use 3-D modelling and digital imagery to plan your treatment down to the ground, so that before your braces arrive you can see exactly how your smile will look.

Invisalign Braces

How Much Will It Cost?

The cost of the treatment is £2500.00. This includes all aligners during treatment, as well as your first set of retainers post-treatment to help maintain your result. All of our braces come with affordable monthly finance options, meaning that whatever your income, your perfect smile is definitely within reach.

For in-house patients, the initial assessment for Invisalign is free. For new patients, meanwhile, there’s a fee of only £25.00 – which will be refunded if you take up the treatment.

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Invisalign – How does it work?

Invisalign Treatment FAQs

  • Initially we will assess the health of your teeth to ensure the foundations of your teeth are healthy base to proceed with treatment.
  • We will take a series of photos to assess whether the Invisalign system will create the result you want.
  • We will set up a finance package for you to help fund treatment if this is what you choose.
  • Once you have agreed to treatment we will take moulds of your teeth. These will be used to create the template for your aligners
  • Invisalign will generate a computer model of your personal before and after smile. This allows you to see exactly what your smile will look like.
  • The initial fir appointment is an hour.
  • During this time we may need to thin enamel from the sides of adjacent teeth to allow for the teeth to de rotate and we may need to add tiny white resin buttons onto certain teeth to allow certain forces to be generated onto the teeth.
  • We will provide you with an additional 4 aligners that you will change weekly at home to create the tooth movement.
  • We will review you every 4-6 weeks depending on treatment lengths to assess how your smile is changing and provide you with your next set of aligners.
  • As the final aligners are fitted we will assess if you are fully happy with the result and if needs be we can further tweak your smile with new aligners
  • Once we complete treatment we remove all the resin buttons and provide you with your first pair of retainers to wear nightly on a permanent basis to prevent your teeth moving out of line. If possible we will also place a fixed thin wire to the inside of your teeth to prevent further movement.
  • The aligners create very gentle forces on your teeth as they move so it is very unlikely that the treatment will be uncomfortable
  • When we come to initially thin the enamel at the aligner fit appointment this can feel slightly uncomfortable. We would recommend painkillers before you attend the clinic.
  • It will may be sensitive to extreme temperatures when you eat for a few days afterwards. This has no harmful effect to your teeth and is a recognised way to create space in orthodontics (teeth straightening).
  • The resin buttons will not cause any issues as they will be covered with your aligner, however when you remove your aligner to eat they may rub on the inner surface of your cheek so we can provide you with a mouth wax that you press over the resin to create a smoother surface.
  • To get the best and fastest result with your retainer you need to wear it everyday for at least 23 hours. The only time you remove them is to eat and clean your teeth.
  • You homecare is important to maintain the health of your smile before, during and after treatment. This includes twice daily brushing, flossing, fluoride mouth rinsing and after meals, plus a reduced sugar diet to prevent decay.
  • We would also recommend regular exams and hygiene treatment.
  • At the end of treatment we will provide you with a set of plastic retainers that you wear nightly to prevent further movement. We would recommend that these retainers are renewed yearly to maintain their strength and prevent lapse.
  • We may also fit a wire on the inner surface of your teeth to prevent movement. This is called a fixed retainer and stays permanently in position; it will require routine inspection to ensure its stability.

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Low Rate Finance Now Available

Low rate finance is designed to help patients by providing a simple and affordable way to spread the cost of your dental treatment over a 12/18/24 month period.

Finance Example

Loan Amount
Loan Amount
Loan Amount
12 months 9.9%
18 Months 9.9%
24 Months 9.9%
Monthly Payment
Monthly Payment
Monthly Payment
Total Amount Payable
Total Amount Payable
Total Amount Payable
Total Interest Payable
Total Interest Payable
Total Interest Payable

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