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Sedation & Hypnosis For Dental Treatments

It’s not uncommon for someone to start to feel genuinely ill at the thought of visiting a dentist. We understand that, which is why we offer a number of services that can help make a visit to us that little bit easier.

Firstly, our practice doesn’t feel like a clinic; our patients often comment on how the contemporary design & reception area make it feel more like a hotel lounge.

Our team want to make your visit a successful one, so it’s important we get to know you as much as you get to know us. Feeling comfortable stops the practice feeling like an alien environment.

Our hypnosis clinics have helped many clients regain their confidence when visiting the dentist and no, it doesn’t involve waving a watch in front of your face! Dental hypnosis involves a number of ‘relaxation sessions’ where you’re taught how to take control of your thoughts and breathing. This is a very effective and widely recognized treatment to help overcome dental anxiety.
Our sedation clinics allow us to treat many people who truly feel they are a lost cause.

Simon, our sedation clinician, has treated many anxious patients in a practice environment. Our consultations allow us to fully explain how the treatments will work, so we would recommend that you book in. We’re used to having family or friends attend that appointment too, for moral support!

Sedation is different to a general anaesthetic in that you’re awake during the treatment, but the medication makes you feel drowsy & relaxed, allowing us to get your mouth healthy. For safety you will have dedicated staff looking after you throughout your treatments, and we will be on hand during evenings and weekends if you need any aftercare advice.

Call us on 01254 297 000 to book your new patient consultation. You can also book a free remote appointment quickly and easily online.