Banish those bleeding gums this January!

TV Adverts can be a great tool to inform us of how we can solve a problem we have.

Bleeding gums are now one of the biggest issues patients have when they book in for a new patient consultation, all because of the Ads they have seen on the TV.

Many people find a little bit of blood mixed with their toothpaste when they rinse out after brushing, this is a sign that all is not well with your gum health.

However, for most people who come to see us we can provide really effective treatments that can easily remedy the situation.

Gums bleed because the plaque that sticks around the base of your gum and in between your teeth is not cleaned away effectively with your brushing technique.

For a whole host of reasons, including your genetic make up and how effective your immune system is at battling plaque your gums can become swollen, bloody and sore.

There is a lot of evidence that can link unhealthy gums to other health issues you may suffer from including diabetes and heart problems.

Smokers will also suffer from unhealthy gums however, the disease damages them silently and the first signs that you may notice are wobbly teeth and shrinking gums.

At AP Smilecare, our clinicians are very aware of the damage gum disease can cause. We can offer a structured path that can treat your gums and give them the TLC they deserve. Leaving you feeling happy and healthy.

To help support you and your gums this January, AP Smilecare are offering FREE CONSULTATIONS with our treatment co-ordinators to discuss any worries you may have regarding your gums.

To arrange your appointment, phone 01254 297 000 or email and let us stop you being the person in that Ad!