Could we be your Christmas angels?

With all those festive nuts and chocolates in abundance over December, is it any wonder the month can bring its fair share of chipped teeth, lost fillings and abscesses.

However, worry not, here at ap smilecare in Blackburn we have appointments available daily to help tackle any dental emergency you may have.

Our 12 noon, toothache slots are available to anybody who has suffered a dental catastrophe and you don’t even have to be a registered patient at the practice. Also, unlike the governance that surrounds our Medical colleagues, you don’t just need to live within our catchment area, so people with toothaches from Darwen, Great Harwood and Ribble Valley are welcome.

Once you have called and booked an appointment be reassured that we will do our utmost to send you home with a solution to your toothache problem.

For many, the thought of visiting a dentist is not high on your Christmas list and what you would ideally wish for is that santa can just deposit some new teeth (or antibiotics!) down your chimney. Having a toothache is not only uncomfortable but it means you have to visit somewhere you really don’t want to be.

However, here at ap smilecare we completely understand that you are in a situation that makes you feel a little hot and flustered. As a team, our years of caring experience can resolve any little problem you may have (no matter how hopeless a case you may feel your tooth is).

Our emergency fee is fixed at £45.00 for that day’s treatment with our aim to ease that nagging tooth.

We are open till Monday 23rd December and reopen on Friday 27th December.

So, there’s no need to struggle over the next few weeks worrying about trying to find a dentist if you have toothache and you live in Blackburn, Clitheroe or Accrington, then call us on 01254 297000 or email and we can get you feeling festive again!