The most common mistakes we make when washing our faces

Did you know that something as simple as washing your face can dramatically affect the look and feel of your skin? Many of us still haven’t got our skin washing technique quite right – choosing products that are unsuitable for our skin and forgetting the post-wash moisturiser. With this in mind, we’re sharing our top skin care tips – helping you avoid those common mistakes.

1. Washing with dirty hands

Think about it: You wash your face to rid it of dirt and bacteria so why would you not wash your hands beforehand? Throughout the day, your hands get covered in dirt and grime – even if you can’t see it. If you don’t remove this dirt and bacteria from your hands before washing, you risk introducing bacteria to the skin.

2. Using hot water

Hot water seems an attractive option when it comes to washing – especially during the winter months. However, hot water can do your skin more harm than good. It can irritate the skin, messing with its normal oil balance – leading to skin that’s either too dry or too oily – and can burst capillaries too.

3. Choosing the wrong products for your skin type

If you’re going to use skincare products like cleansers, toners and exfoliators, make sure you pick the right type of product for your skin. Most product ranges offer different solutions for normal, dry and oily skin types – so get a skin diagnosis before investing. If you need a little help, why not visit us at AP Skincare? We can take a look at your skin and advise on the best products for you in our skincare range.

4. Exfoliating every day

Exfoliation is great for removing dead skin cells but doesn’t need to be included in your everyday routine. Switch daily exfoliation for once or twice-weekly exfoliation and stick to a product that’s gentle and kind to skin too.

5. Forgetting to cleanse

Daily cleansing is crucial to keeping your skin clean. Even if your skin doesn’t feel dirty and you haven’t bothered with make-up that day, it still needs a good cleanse. Cleansing helps rid your skin of any residue from products as well as general dirt, oil and build-up on the skin.

6. Rubbing your face dry with a towel

Scrub your face dry after washing? This is a big no-no and can lead to irritation and redness. No matter how much of a rush you’re in, avoid rubbing your face with a towel. Your skin will actually dry off quickly on its own. If you want to speed up the process, pat your skin softly with a towel.

7. Forgetting the post-wash moisturiser

The best time to apply your moisturiser is immediately after washing. Applying after washing ensures you get the most out of your moisturiser and that you’re locking all that moisture in. Again, we have a wide range of fantastic moisturisers in our product range.

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