How To Make The Most Of Vitamin C Day

Orange you glad it’s Vitamin C Day? OK granted, it’s not the biggest event on our national calendar, but it’s a great reminder of how we can look after ourselves with the help of Vitamin C. And that includes our skin! Vitamin C has all sorts of fantastic benefits for our skin – we’ve touched upon them before in our previous blog about the 4 best vitamins for your skin, but Vitamin C particularly has so many that it’s not hard to see why it warrants a day all of its own!

What Does Vitamin C Do For Your Skin?

Where to start? Well, we suppose we could kick off by saying that Vitamin C is brilliant for helping your skin to look and feel both younger and firmer, alleviating the signs of spots and uneven skin tone. As an added bonus, it better equips your skin to fight off external stressors and pollutants. Part of the way it does this is by promoting your collagen production. Collagen is sometimes better known as the underlying support structure of your skin, which means that Vitamin C is great for filling in fine lines and wrinkles that might otherwise appear. By the same token, it can also reduce those dreaded under-eye circles that many of us have to regularly battle.

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Another benefit of Vitamin C is that it does wonders for protecting your skin from sun damage – especially useful now that we’re entering spring and being exposed to hotter, brighter sunshine (which we’re expecting to see, ooh, any day now). Similarly, the hydrating qualities of Vitamin C means that it’s great for speeding up the healing of sunburns, too; warding off some of that horrible redness and itching. These are just a couple of the key benefits – if we listed them all, we could be here for a very long time!

Easy Ways To Get Your Daily Dose Of Vitamin C

In case you’re wondering about the recommended daily Vitamin C allowance for adults, the recommended amount for men is 90mg per day, while for women it’s 75mg per day. Off the top of your head, you probably know oranges and clementines as two fantastic sources of Vitamin C, but the good news is there are plenty of other foods which have it in abundance.

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Good sources of Vitamin C include (but obviously aren’t limited to):

If you’re looking after your diet, there’s a good chance you’re already getting a good dose of your daily Vitamin C anyway. After all, it’s in so many foods that it can be quite hard to avoid! If you’re worried about your intake though, a good trick is to add a bit of lemon juice to your food every now and again. It goes with a surprising number of things, including many meats, fish and salads.

And of course, you can always count on our own skincare products to have excellent levels of Vitamin C. Our Flavo-C range of skincare products springs to mind. They incorporate L-ascorbic acid as a key ingredient; it’s a form of Vitamin C that’s particularly effective at bolstering your skin’s defences and leaving it looking and feeling amazing. Why not give our Blackburn treatment centre a call on 01254 297000, or swing by and book an appointment, and find out what else we can do for you?