Our top winter skincare tips from the experts

Winter can be a challenging time for our skin, with rain and wind having a drying effect on our face and hands, causing all manner of annoying and even painful ailments such as cracking and splitting, especially for those with sensitive, dry skin. But what can we do to take extra care of it during this season?

Well, our clinic offers many skincare treatments that are perfect for the run-up to the winter party season, such as lip fillers, anti-wrinkle treatments and even non-surgical facelifts to boost your confidence. Here, we’ve put together some of our best secrets for preparing and caring for your skin during Winter at home as we head towards the colder months.

Hydrate from within

Consider upgrading your skin products to match the weather. We recommend the ZO skin health range to prepare the skin for Winter before the cold air hits. These products naturally hydrate from within by permeating the skin’s surface leaving it moisturised but not oily. Improving the skin’s health can take a couple weeks of product use so prepare in advance and give yourself the best defence against freezing wind-chills that lead to dry, cracked skin.

Moisturise daily

Important year-round, but even more so in the colder months, moisturising is an absolute must when it comes to skin health. Apply some good quality moisturising lotion to the whole body after washing in warm water, such as post-shower, while the skin is still damp for maximum absorption while the pores are open to lock the moisture in.

Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated by drinking enough water during the day – about 6 – 8 glasses, is a great way to increase the hydration of your skin. When dehydrated, the body draws water from the skin and other less vital areas to maintain its functions, so make sure you still get plenty to drink throughout the day in the Winter months. It will also help flush out toxins and keep your skin blemish-free.

The cold temperatures and wind-chill outside combined with the low humidity levels at home caused by switching radiators on more frequently is a mix destined to damage your skin, so take extra care this Winter and the worst season regarding weather will have nothing on you. A proper skincare routine combined with these tips will ensure you’re comfortable in your skin year-round and prevent any dryness that leads to chapped, cracked as well as itchy and sore skin.

Here at AP Skincare, we take pride in being able to offer a personalised standard of treatment – our experts can always sit down with you to discuss the best skincare treatments that will get the best results for you. If you want to book any treatments ready for the party season, feel free to come into the clinic today or phone 01254 297 000 to book a consultation.