What does your mouth say about you?

In much the same way that your diet can tell you a lot about your body and the lifestyle you may be leading, your mouth is also a very good indicator of how healthy you might be. Your oral health can reveal a lot about what’s going on in the rest of your life and indicate whether change is required. From chipped teeth to chapped lips, and everything in between, we’re covering the most common issues and sharing our top tips for improving your oral hygiene.

Problem #1 Yellow or white stains on the tongue

Stains on the tongue are often a tell tale sign of poor oral health. This is because they usually come about when the surface of your tongue becomes colonised by bacteria or fungi, causing dead cells to become trapped between the tiny modules on the surface of your tongue.

What does your mouth say about you tongue staining

How to avoid this problem:

Many of those that suffer with this problem are usually short on time – and fail to pay proper attention to their oral health. They may have a busy lifestyle, work irregular shift pattern, or work away from home – but whatever the reason, it’s worth tackling the issue. With a tongue scraper or toothbrush you can gently clean the dead cells away over a matter of days. This will not only improve your tongue’s appearance, it will also help prevent bad breath.

Problem #2 Chapped lips

Although less of a dental emergency, chapped lips can be a result of exposure to wind, cold air, dry air and even the sun.

What does your mouth say about you chapped lips

How to avoid this problem:

If you regularly suffer with chapped lips, there’s a high probability you work outdoors, or spend a lot of time outdoors. To prevent the painful condition, be prepared with a good quality lip salve or protective balm. Pop it on before leaving the house and regularly throughout the day.

Problem #3 Ulcers 

We’ve probably all suffered with these small, painful blisters at some point in our lives. Lasting between one and two weeks, the main frustration of ulcers is pain and irritation, especially if they’re located in an area that affects your bite.

What does your mouth say about you mouth ulcer

How to avoid this problem:

Ulcers develop due to triggers including stress, infection, hormones, and not getting enough vitamins. Keeping a good diet and your stress levels low will certainly help prevent ulcers. If they are causing you a problem they can also be treated with numbing creams.

Problem #4 Chipped or ground down teeth 

Chips and cracks don’t just affect the aesthetics of your smile; they can also lead to pain or permanent tooth damage.

What does your mouth say about you grinding teeth

How to avoid this problem:

Chipped, cracked, or ground down teeth can be a sure sign of stress and anxiety. If you know you have a habit of biting on your teeth, have a chat to your dentist. They may recommend wearing a specially fit gum shield at night to stop the pain and damage. If the damage has already occurred, we can also offer tooth contouring, veneers, and crowns to fix badly damaged teeth. 

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