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Denplan & Private Dentistry Prices

AP Smilecare offers a number of payment schemes such as Denplan to help you look after your teeth and gums.

All New patients will initially have an ‘extended consultation’ which is £120.00.

Paying a deposit

All consultation fees need to be paid when booking the appointment, this is to secure the appointment given.

A treatment plan will be given at this appointment itemising which work you may need to get your mouth healthy and the cost for each of these treatments.

After this initial course of work has been completed you may opt for one of our payment plans such as Denplan.

Denplan Price Guide
Denplan Essential Band A £16.00/month
Denplan Essential Band B £9.50/month
Denplan Care Band A £17.00/month
Denplan Care Band B £23.50/month
Denplan Care Band C £27.50/month
Denplan Care Band D £33.75/month
Denplan Care Band E £38.75/month

* Monthly fee is initially set according to the work you need to fully maintain your mouth over the year. Excludes lab fees, prescriptions and cosmetic work.

Denplan is our monthly payment scheme, which covers your annual dental care; our patients are part of fastest growing Denplan practice in the country. You can also join one of our Denplan payment schemes that can cover you for essential or fully comprehensive dental care.

AP Denplan: Benefits

To thank you for choosing Denplan with AP Smilecare, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Quarterly prize draw towards spa treatments/dinner/cinema pass worth £70
  • 12.5 per cent discount off all cosmetic treatments and £55 off all consultant treatments
  • Free access to out of hours’ emergency advice
  • Free off road parking
  • AP Smilecard: For discounts in selected local shops

Option 1: Denplan Essentials Band A

Denplan Essentials Band A requires a monthly payment of £16.00 and covers:

  • Two routine exams
  • Two 20min hygienist visits
  • X-rays

Option 1: Denplan Essentials Band B

Denplan Essentials Band B requires a monthly payment of £9.50 and covers:

  • One routine exam
  • One 20min hygienist visit
  • X-ray

* Denplan Essentials does not cover the cost of additional dental treatment, however a 12.5 per cent discount is given on all treatments required

Option 2: Denplan Care

Denplan Care ranges from Band A to E and covers:

  • Two routine exams
  • Two hygienist visits plus any additional visits required
  • X-rays
  • Emergency appointments
  • All routine dental treatment

* Denplan Care does not cover lab fees. A 12.5 per cent discount is given on all cosmetic and specialist services.

Some patients may prefer to pay privately for their dentistry each time they come. We will always provide you with a treatment plan at each exam so you know the full cost of your treatment. As a private patient you are not limited to the times and days you can attend.

Below is a comparison of the different costs for treatments and shows how joining the Denplan scheme can help budget for your dental care.

Treatment Private Fee Denplan Essentials Denplan Care
New Patients £120.00 £67.50 £65.00
Routine Exam £65.00 £0.00 £0.00
Hygienist Services from £110.00 £0.00 £0.00
Dental Emergencies from £95.00 £0.00 £0.00
Fillings from £150.00 12.5% discount £0.00
Root Canal Treatment from £495.00 12.5% discount £0.00
Extractions from £155.00 12.5% discount £0.00
Crowns from £550.00 12.5% discount Lab Fee
Bridges per unit from £425.00 12.5% discount Lab Fee
Dentures from £625.00 12.5% discount Lab Fee
Plastic False Teeth £425.00 12.5% discount Lab Fee
Whitening from £315.00 * from £195.00 from £195.00
Anti-Wrinkle £275.00 £275.00 £275.00
Implants from £3000 from £3000 from £3000
one arch
£3000.00 £3000.00 £3000.00
two arches
£3000.00 £3000.00 £3000.00
Sedation from £250.00 from £250.00 from £250.00
Orthodontics from £2500  from £2500 from £2500
X-rays £16.00 each £16.00 each £0.00

* Includes new patient examination

Low rate finance is designed to help patients by providing a simple and affordable way to spread the cost of your dental treatment over a 12/18/24 month period.

Finance Example

Loan Amount
Loan Amount
Loan Amount
12 months 9.9%
18 Months 9.9%
24 Months 9.9%
Monthly Payment
Monthly Payment
Monthly Payment
Total Amount Payable
Total Amount Payable
Total Amount Payable
Total Interest Payable
Total Interest Payable
Total Interest Payable

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