Emergency Dentist Blackburn

If you need emergency dental treatment in Blackburn, AP Smilecare are here to help!

We know that dental emergencies can be scary, but the main thing to remember is to keep calm, and rest assured you’re in good hands with our experts.

Some of the most common issues we handle are:

  1. Painful toothaches
  2. Bleeding gums
  3. Broken teeth
  4. An avulsed (knocked out) tooth
  5. Extruded teeth

New Patients & Emergency Dental Care

We understand that when you’re in pain, you want to sort the problem out as fast as possible. That’s why we have SAME DAY* emergency appointments at our Blackburn practice from £120.00. This includes our assessment of you, and treatment that will help soothe your problem.

If you call from 8:30am each day, we can accommodate you in one of our emergency slots. This usually around 12 noon. Even if your an NHS patient you can still call us for advice.

*during office hours

Existing Patients Emergency Dental Surgery

If you call from 8.30 am on working days, our reception team will triage your call and offer you practical advice and the most appropriate appointment for your problem.

We always try to ensure we’re able to see or advise emergency patients within 24 hours.

If you have a toothache when the practice is closed, please contact the following numbers for advice. We will try to get back to you within 2 hours:

All patients for emergency advice:

0800 123 4010

Denplan and private patients (Weekdays):

(Mon-Fri eve till 9pm & bank holidays 10am-Noon)

07469 199 900

Denplan and private patients (Weekends):

(Sat-Sun 10-11.30am)

07787 137 218

24 hour Denplan Hotline:

0800 844 999

24 hour Holiday Denplan Hotline:

+44 1962 844 999

If you are a Denplan patient you may find the following information useful – click here.

  • If you have any tenderness in your mouth that is not eased with over the counter pain relief please contact a dentist.
  • If you have any unusual swellings or lumps in your mouth that don’t feel normal please contact your dentist.
  • Teeth can sometimes become very sensitive to hot and cold food and drink. This pain may start to linger for a few hours. It is best to see a dentist so they can assess the problem.
  • If your gums bleed spontaneously and you wake with blood on your pillow, see a dentist.
  • If you knock out a permanent tooth, seek professional help.
  • If you have had a tooth extracted and the wound continues to bleed, please call your dentist for advice.

Call us on 01254 297 000 to book your new patient consultation. You can also book a free remote appointment quickly and easily online.