Anti-wrinkle treatments – All you need to know!

Let’s face it; ageing is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to mean a loss of beauty and radiance…

If you’re finding the effect of ageing on your skin, such as wrinkles, difficult to deal with, then it may be worth considering anti-wrinkle treatments.

A tailored, professional, anti-wrinkle service

At AP Skincare we know that wrinkles can lower confidence levels – so much so that you may even avoid social situations, family events or applying for jobs.

That’s why we offer professional skincare solutions, to help restore your youthful skin and bring back that confidence you deserve.

Our anti-wrinkle injections soften and erase those wrinkle lines that appear on your face to leave you with smooth, rejuvenated skin.

By using a Botulinum toxin – otherwise known as Botox – we can help lessen the muscle contractions that give the appearance of wrinkles.

The toxin works by stopping the signals between muscle fibres, smoothing out lines.

The muscle activity decreases 7-10 days after the treatment, revealing your desired result.

At AP Skincare we provide our clients with the best and have chosen a Botulinum toxin called Azzalure for our anti-wrinkle treatments.

It’s one of the most popular toxins available and is well known for its safety and effectiveness.

As part of the AP Skincare professional service we’ll tailor your treatment to give you the results you’ve been looking for.

We’ll discuss your problem areas – whether it’s laughter lines, crow’s feet or forehead creases – and tailor a bespoke set of injections to remedy these wrinkles.

Common areas of skin aging


Forehead creases

Botox in this area can help to smooth a furrowed brow and reduce frown lines.

Droopy eyebrows

Whether your droopy eyebrows are a result of aging, stress, or fatigue, the problem can be treated with Botox injections targeted to this area.

Frown lines

Botox is a relatively quick and easy fix for those pesky frown lines that span across your forehead.

Bunny lines

Bunny lines are those wrinkles that form on the sides of your nose as a result of years of smiling, frowning and forming other expressions with the face. Botox can help to smooth out those wrinkled and twitchy noses.

Crow’s feet

These wrinkles begin to form on the outside corners of your eyes when you hit your mid-twenties. They’re most pronounced when you work the muscles around your eyes. Botox literally relaxes those muscles to they can’t contract and the wrinkles can no longer be seen.

Under eye wrinkles

Botox can be used to remedy the problem of under eye wrinkles by weakening the lower eyelid orbicularis that is responsible for making them appear.

Undefined jaw line

Our Botulinum toxin relaxes the muscles that contribute to a downward pull along the length of the jaw – resulting in an undefined jawline.

Lip lines

Botox can help to smooth out those lip lines as make lips plumper.

Gummy smile

A gummy smile can affect many age groups. Botox can provide a temporary solution, plumping up lips and restoring their fullness.


The jowls refer to the lower part of a person’s cheek. As we get older they become fleshier and droopier. Botox prevents the muscle from pulling the jaw line down and a result can lift jowls.

Chin wrinkles

Our wrinkle treatments can help to flatten and smooth the appearance of chin wrinkles that crop up when your skin loses its elasticity.

Neck cords and neck lines

Injecting Botox into your neck cords can relax the cords enough that they will lie down, rather than protrude outwards. Your wrinkles will also be smoothed out as the muscle relaxes.

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