Beat wrinkles with the Glo Skin range

At AP Skincare we’re passionate about making you feel as beautiful as you deserve – which is why we offer skincare solutions alongside dental care and treatments. Our skincare clinic is run by Jo, who has been practising in the dental and beauty industry since she completed her degree in 1996, and gives all our clients the opportunity to take advantage of treatments and products to create and maintain gorgeous skin.

The Glo Skin range helps to turn back time and encourages your cells to renew the surface layers of collagen and elastin as they did when you were a teenager – giving you supple, hydrated and wrinkle-free skin. Unfortunately, as we age, our skin cells begin to slow down and no longer efficiently do the job they did when we were young, because of our age, environment and daily stresses. This kick starts the aging process, and by 60 our skin is regenerating at a third of the rate it used to!

What’s the secret behind Glo Skin?

Developed by dermatologists in America and the UK, the Glo Skin range has been extensively researched and produced to give those results we dream of. The advanced skin care formulations have potent concentrations of active ingredients, which clinically transform your skin. There are products available for virtually every skin type and the skincare team at AP Skincare are always there to give you advise on the best products and regime for you.

For cleansing and toning

Within our facial cleanser and toner range, we have four products, all with very different properties. The Hydrating Gel Cleanser cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes the skin improving tone and texture; the Purifying Gel Cleaner softens and smoothes the skin while encouraging skin cell renewal; the Conditioning Toner hydrates, balances and protects skin to give you that gorgeous glow; and the Purifying Toner uses powerful anti inflammatory antimicrobial and reparative properties to soothe and recondition the skin. We also offer Vitamin C oils, which we recommend you use after cleansing and toning to protect your skin and defend against free radical damage.

For wonderfully moisturised skin

Using moisturiser as part of your daily skincare routine is essential, it’s recommended you begin using one as early as your teens. The Glo Skin moisturiser range has products for oily skin, products with build in sunscreen to prevent UV damage, a conditioning moisturiser for dry, normal and sensitive skin, plus the miracle Peptide Defence, which revives the appearance of stressed and fatigued skin while improving the function and elasticity of the skin.

For bright, wrinkle-free eyes

One thing that’s easily forgotten when it comes to the skincare regime is applying the right cream to the eye area. Vital Eyes, Eye Restore and Vitamin C Eye Cream are great for minimising those pesky eye wrinkles, hydrating the area and reducing dark circles.

For putting a halt to that aging process

Of course, the range wouldn’t be complete without those all-important anti-aging products, which help to reduce to depth and degree of winkles while stimulating collagen and elastin. The most popular hero product in the range has to be the Super Serum. It’s packed full of essential ingredients to give you the best in anti aging treatment. We also recommend MEDIK8 Filler to all our clients considering dermal fillers – it’s a fantastic alternative and is proven to help regain lost collagen and plump out cheeks.

To find out more about anything in the Glo Skin range, give us a call on 01254 297 000

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