Can you gift beauty products for Christmas? Here are the dos and don’ts!

If you’ve never received a three-pack of body sprays or a shower gel set at Christmas, you’re one of very few. These are go-to Christmas gifts, especially when buying for people you don’t know too well. After all, who doesn’t use shower gel? But if you’re buying for someone in your closer circle, beauty products – especially skincare treatments – can be hard to get right. If you want to avoid gifting the wrong products, we’ve got some useful dos and don’ts to make sure you always find the perfect present!

Do: think about their lifestyle right now

Different lifestyles call for different skincare. Showing that you’ve thought about the current life of your loved one is a great way to make a skincare present more thoughtful and useful. For example, if you know someone who has just had a baby, a 5-step skincare set probably isn’t ideal when they struggle to find a minute to wash their face. But a brightening eye cream is perfect for letting them feel more fresh-faced even after a sleepless night.

Don’t: buy based solely on what you like

You might have a heap of staple beauty products that you love, but that doesn’t mean everyone else will. Don’t buy anything just because it’s a personal favourite of yours. Of course, you might know someone who could really benefit from the treatment, but if there’s nothing that makes you think this would make a great gift other than the fact you like it, it’s probably best to skip.

skincare gift

Do: think about what they say about their skin

So, you may be quite reasonably asking, if you can’t buy products based on what you like, how are you going to pick anything out? This is where you need to think carefully about what your loved one says about their own skin. If they’re constantly complaining about ageing skin, for example, you know that they’ll appreciate a great anti-ageing product. If they struggle with dry, sensitive skin, look for a product that’s gently nourishing and builds the skin’s protective barrier. Not only will the recipient be much more likely to use the product, but they’ll also know that you put a lot of thought into choosing it!

Don’t: buy without any skincare knowledge

The world of skincare is a complex one, and if you don’t know what you’re looking for, then find someone who does. It’s much easier to find great beauty gifts when you have a bit of knowledge! An expert can help you find a gift that has active ingredients to target those areas your loved one complains about, helping you to give a treatment that actually works.

And if you need help finding the right beauty products to give this Christmas, that’s where we can help. At AP Skincare, we have a range of skincare products alongside our core treatments, and our team will be happy to help you find the right presents for your friends and family. Call us on 01254 297 000, or come and visit us at our treatment centre today, and let’s make your gift-giving easy this year!