Red wine to hot chocolate – the Christmas drinks to watch out for

If you love a morning cup of coffee or an evening glass of red wine, you’re probably already aware of how they can stain your teeth. (After all, they’re called pearly whites for a reason!) Dental treatments like our teeth whitening treatment can help to remove discolouration, but the best way to avoid staining is by avoiding the drinks to begin with, and taking some steps to reduce their effect when you do have them. To help you out this festive season, here are the top Christmas drinks to watch out for in terms of your teeth – and a couple that you can switch them with!

Limit your mulled red wine

A hot, spicy glass of mulled wine is perfect on a cold winter’s night. But, before you turn on your stove and get your glass (or mug) ready, it can be helpful to set yourself a limit before you get cracking. Mulled red wine is just as bad as any other red wine, full of darkly-coloured tannins that bond easily with your teeth, making it one of the worst culprits for staining teeth.

Say no to rum and coke

Most dentists will tell you to avoid rum and coke if you want to save your teeth – and yes, we’re no different! Any sugary, fizzy drinks are already bad for your teeth but add acidic rum to the mix, and you’ve got a particularly potent combination on your hands. When drunk to excess, the acidity and sugar combined can start to break down your enamel, leaving your teeth more at risk of staining and other damage.

White wine isn’t perfect either

Switching out your red wine for white to save your teeth might seem like the easy answer at first, but make sure to bear in mind that white wine isn’t as nice as it likes to pretend, either! You may avoid the immediate staining of red wine, but white wine is still very acidic. This leads to the long term breakdown of enamel and an increase in staining from other substances.

Here’s a badly-kept secret for you – if you love wine but want to keep your teeth safe for years to come, we have the answer! This year, stock up on bottles of Cava. It’s a sparkling Spanish wine with a much lower PH than other wines, saving your teeth from harmful acid.


Hot chocolate for stronger teeth

Hot chocolate is an undeniably Christmassy drink, and happily one you won’t have to skip this year! Switching the above drinks for a mug of milky chocolate is better for your teeth and liver, giving you some time off the alcohol this festive period. Make your hot chocolate from cocoa powder so that you’re in control of the sugar in your drink, and include plenty of milk for lots of calcium.

Light beer for white teeth

Another alcoholic beverage that dentists will give the okay is beer. Try to stick to light beers over dark beers to reduce the risk of staining. Light beers also contain more water, reducing the acidic level and making them a much better choice.

Christmas is the time of year when you can treat yourself to food and drink you might not usually have. So, if you do indulge in red wine and rum this season, you don’t need to stress too much – as with many things, it’s all about doing it in moderation! And don’t forget, you can always book a teeth whitening appointment at AP Smilecare on 01254 297 000. We’ll be able to check your teeth over and get rid of any staining so that you can step into the new year with a smile!