Get Your Essential Dose Of Vitamins From Our Skincare Range

If you dipped into our blog last week, you’ll already be familiar with the four best vitamins for your skin. In last week’s article, we mentioned some of the places you can get these vitamins, including fruit, veg and even nuts. This week though, we’re covering some other easy ways you can make sure you’re getting these vitamins – and that’s right here in our products at AP Skincare!

Our Retriderm Range

retriderm range

Contains: Vitamin A, Vitamin E

The products in our Retriderm range are renowned in the industry as particularly powerful serums, specifically designed to rejuvenate and repair the effects of sun damage and ageing while maintaining skin tone and texture. They’re filled with fast-acting proteins, which are delivered in a smooth, oil-free formula. Retriderm products use Vitamin A for this rejuvenation, taking advantage of its natural ability to boost your skin’s reserves of collagen (which supports the underlying structure of the skin). Through this, Retriderm serums are able to encourage better cell renewal, fighting the signs of early ageing and helping your skin to look younger while at the same time reducing pigmentation and preventing acne and dry skin.

Retriderm also uses Vitamin E to give itself an extra burst of antioxidants. Vitamin E is great at hydrating your skin, moisturising it while providing anti-inflammatory qualities that help to ease any rashes or irritable skin. All in all, it’s easy to see why Retriderm is such a popular skincare product the world over!

Retriderm products come in two stages. The first is the mildest solution available, intended as the first step in a two-step programme, while the second is more potent, and provides even more advanced skin regeneration.

Retriderm Products include:

Our Flavo-C Range

retriderm range

Contains: Vitamin C

Each one of our Flavo-C range of products uses L-ascorbic acid as a key ingredient. It’s a form of Vitamin C that’s specially chosen for its ability to penetrate and protect the skin. While Retriderm uses a variety of other advanced ingredients to enhance and support the effectiveness of its vitamin ingredients, Flavo-C relies even more heavily on the healing and protective qualities of Vitamin C itself.

Another excellent antioxidant, Vitamin C is most famous in the skincare world for shielding your skin against the worst effects of sun damage, which itself can accelerate the signs of early ageing. What’s more, it actively repairs your skin by tackling free radicals that trigger wrinkling and sagging. Though it’s naturally found in our epidermis and dermis (our outermost and middle layers of skin), we produce less of it as we get older, gradually making us more vulnerable to the effects of sunlight, smoke and air pollution. This makes Flavo-C products especially valuable for the city-dwellers amongst us!

Flavo C products include:

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