Is Botox Bad For You?

Botox is likely a name you know already – and for some, there’s a certain stigma attached to it. We’ve all seen it on TV, or the sidebars of shame; that unmistakeable look of people who’ve gone overboard on Botox treatments. It’s enough to scare many people away from the treatment, but the fact is that these cases are few and far between – it’s actually one of the safest and most successful anti-ageing treatments in the world.

What Is Botox?

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Basically, Botox is a drug made from botulinum toxin, and one of the most popular cosmetic skin treatments in the whole world (just one of the reasons you probably hear about it all the time)! An effective anti-ageing treatment, Botox is applied to specific groups of facial muscles that are the cause of lines. It works by temporarily stopping the signals between muscle fibres that tell them to contract, thereby creating a smoothing of the forehead and eyes. It takes only a few minutes to administer by a professional.

The Facts About Botox And Anti-Ageing Treatments

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One of the things we almost never hear about Botox in the press is that it actually has a fantastic safety record when responsibly applied. It’s been used for almost 25 years on patients in over 70 countries, and it’s one of the most carefully monitored medications in the world – which makes sense, when you consider the amount of people using it! Right now, there aren’t any drugs which match its level of effectiveness, and it’s an easy, painless step for your anti-ageing routine which allows you to beat lines and wrinkles without going under the knife – a scary prospect for many of our patients!

So Why The Safety Concerns?

As we mentioned above, we all know the horror stories, but there are some good reasons for them that often get swept under the carpet, or not mentioned at all. A major factor in successful Botox treatment is the dosage, and a lot of the images probably in your mind right now are the direct results of an incorrect dosage. Too little can be ineffective, while too much can mean paralysed facial muscles; the effects of which can be temporary or permanent. What’s more, there are stories of dentists or psychiatrists trying their hand at Botox treatment, with often disastrous results.

But the thing is, we’re not those people. We’re qualified healthcare professionals using one of the most effective anti-ageing techniques known to man, and we know what’s best for your skin. The worst cases sometimes make the news, but what’s not reported are the millions of successful cases each year – and the simple reason for that is because “Jane Bloggs has successful treatment and looks great” just doesn’t sell as many papers! Before we begin your treatment, we check for underlying health conditions – another possible complicating factor with Botox – and make sure that you’re not at risk.

The effects wear off in 4-6 months, so continued treatments are recommended. Sounds less scary now, right? Also, we check back with you two weeks after your treatment to see how you’re getting on. Trust us, when it comes to anti-ageing techniques, you’re in good hands!

You can check out our other treatments, or read our post on other ways to prevent premature ageing of your skin. If you have any questions or need any advice (regarding this post or anything else), you can always contact us on 01254 297000. We’re here to help!

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