Make oral health part of your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of the year when we all look for positive changes to make to our health, behaviours and lifestyle. While you may already have a growing list of New Year’s Resolutions, we’ve got one suggestion that should definitely feature on your list. If you haven’t already considered how you’re going to look after or improve your dental health this year, we’ve got plenty of ideas and recommendations for you. Whether it’s just improving your brushing habits or completing delayed dental treatment, looking after your dental health this year is sure to make you feel great inside and out!

Resolutions to improve your oral health

Why not add one or two or the following to your 2016 resolutions? Remember to write them down and consider some sort of action plan to guarantee their success!

  1. Improving brushing and flossing habits


If you brush your teeth on autopilot mode, this resolution could be for you. Often, when mindlessly brushing teeth it’s easy to forget about those areas that harbour plaque and bacteria, such as the back teeth or behind the teeth. By making a conscious effort to cover all areas of your mouth when brushing, you’ll minimise the risk of decay and enhance your overall dental health. Likewise, many of us don’t have a daily flossing routine – so why not make a new habit to floss your teeth every night?

  1. Healthier food and beverage choices


The benefit of this resolution is that it’s in keeping with oral health, general wellbeing and weight loss – hitting many of your goals in one. By cutting your consumption of sugar, and avoiding fizzy, sugary drinks, chocolate bars, sweets, and all those foods with hidden sugars, you’re sure benefit in more ways that one.

  1. Improving your smile


Do you have a chipped tooth that’s been getting you down? Or perhaps your yellowing teeth need a little brightening for 2016? Whatever it is you’d like to improve about your smile, stop waiting and take action now! We have plenty of fantastic cosmetic treatments available.

  1. Braces


Whether you never had the opportunity to have braces as a child, or you wore them but failed to continue with the appropriate aftercare, why not get the smile you’ve always wanted now? At AP Smilecare we offer a wide range of adult braces, from the conventional ‘train track’ braces, to tooth-colour ceramic braces and invisible braces.

  1. Routine dental visits


When making your New Year’s Resolutions you needn’t go overboard and put too much pressure on yourself. Something simple, such as keeping up your bi-annual dental appointments is a great resolution to make – especially if you’re one to avoid the dentist! If you’re worried about the costs of private dental care or need an incentive to attend your dental appointments why not look at Denplan? The monthly payment scheme offers packages for both essential and fully comprehensive care.

To find out about any of the services mentioned in today’s blog, or to book your next dental appointment, get in contact today. You can call the friendly reception team on 01254 297 000.

What New Year’s Resolutions have you made for 2016? Tell us in the comments below, or tweet us your resolutions @APSmilecare