Should you apply skincare products on dry or damp skin?

Whether you apply product to damp or dry skin can make all the difference in skincare and skincare treatments. Your skin is like a sponge, and sometimes, dampening the surface of your face and neck can help the product absorb because when your face is slightly wet, it’s more permeable. In simpler terms, this means that you’re more likely to see the benefits of the products you’re using because you’ll absorb more of the ingredients. 

At AP Skincare, we know it can be challenging to keep up with the ins and outs of skincare products. Especially when it comes to when to apply them and what order so if you need clarification, don’t worry – you’re not alone! Even more experienced skincare users may have a few hiccups in their routine, but it’s nothing a little bit of insight can’t fix. Let’s review the most popular skincare products and how they should be applied to get the most out of your routine and get beautiful, glowing skin. 

Damp skin or dry skin – that is the question

Dampening your skin before applying products is a great way to lock in as much moisture as possible. So, if you’re wondering if you should apply moisturiser on damp skin, the answer is yes. Still, while many products benefit from being applied to wet skin, that doesn’t mean every product should be. There are a few popular products that should only be applied on dry skin, and they are: 

You can always consult professionals like us here at AP Skincare, as we’ll be able to find the perfect skincare treatments for the results you’re trying to achieve with your skin if you’re struggling to do so on your own! However, if you think you’ve got a pretty good handle on what you’re skin likes and doesn’t like, here’s a list of products to apply to damp skin for maximum results:

That being said, it’s always wise to be mindful of how your skin reacts to changes in products or routine when you switch things up, as everyone is different. If you have sensitive skin, increasing the absorption rate on certain products could cause irritation – it’s just something to keep in mind. It may be a case of having to lessen the frequency of applying certain products from every day to a few times a week since they’ll be even more potent!

It goes without saying that this is simply a guide meant for informational purposes rather than a rigorous step-by-step routine that must be followed exactly. Always check the back of the product for the instructions before incorporating it into your current skincare routine or putting it on your face. It’s also always wise to check the ingredient list to ensure there’s nothing in any new products that will clash with anything currently in your routine! 

All that’s left to do is enjoy the results of your new and improved skincare routine. Here at AP Skincare, our door is always open! Our team of experts can provide tailored solutions to help you enhance your skin. We’ll take the time to understand your skin type and goals thoroughly and only then recommend the skincare treatments we think you’ll love. If you have any concerns or queries, please call us on 01254 495919 or drop by our skincare clinic in Blackburn – we’d always love to see you!