Choose Denplan for complete peace of mind with your dental care

We’re proud to be a Denplan Excel provider here at AP Smilecare. It fits perfectly with our ethos – while our expert team of dentists do everything we can to put you completely at ease in our clinic, Denplan is a great way to give yourself peace of mind when it comes to costs, too. Essentially, Denplan helps you budget for your dental care with confidence by allowing you to spread the costs over a longer period, helping make things more affordable and protecting you from any unexpected bills.

In case you’re wondering, our Denplan fees are fixed until April 2021, and we don’t charge for PPE at AP Smilecare. And if you need a quick refresher on the basics of what Denplan is and how it works, we’ve got all the answers below!

What is Denplan?

As I touched on above, Denplan is a a fully private pay-monthly maintenance scheme, which allows you to spread the cost of your oral care by splitting the payments monthly. It’s first and foremost designed to make preventative dental care more affordable, and covers regular check-ups, hygiene appointments, and X-rays. All that goes some way to explaining why it’s one of the most UK’s popular dental payment schemes, with 2 million patients registered in Britain alone.

Thousands of patients avoiding dentists due to costs

The key benefits of Denplan

One of the most obvious advantages of Denplan the reassurance it provides – it’s designed to help you manage the cost of your dental treatment, giving you peace of mind by helping you to avoid any unexpected dental bills catching you off guard.

What’s more, Denplan is strongly focused on preventative dentistry, rather than restorative or corrective. Dentistry is no exception from the old adage: prevention is better than cure! Preventing dental issues is far easier and cheaper to deal with than solving problems once they’ve occurred, and 90% of patients agree that being with Denplan makes it easier for them to look after their dental health.

When you join Denplan, you also get access to Denplan’s 24 hour worldwide dental emergency helpline (and of course, you can always count on us to provide emergency dentistry services here at AP Smilecare!).

Denplan patients treatment update

With Denplan, your routine dental care includes:

And with our Denplan budgeting plans here at AP Smilecare, we also offer:

Many of our patients choose Denplan in conjunction with our fantastic range of dental treatments – and if you’ve got any further questions about payment or the treatments themselves, our in-house team are always happy to help! Just give us a call on 01254 297 000, or email us on (If you’re planning on taking a visit to our dental clinic in Blackburn, don’t forget to call ahead in advance, so we can make we’re keeping you safe with appropriate social distancing measures!)