Get Dental Advice From The Experts, Not The Internet

The worldwide web is truly an amazing thing, something our great-great-grandparents probably never even dreamed of. With a touch of a keyboard or the click of a mouse, we have almost all the information in the world right at our fingertips, which includes all sorts of dental and medical advice. So why bother spending time with a diagnosis from the dentist, when you can find out all you need to from the web? Well, as you might expect, there are problems with getting your information this way – in almost every case, it’s better to get advice from the professionals!

Self-Diagnosis Can Be Dangerous

self diagnosis

Now, we’re not saying that you should automatically disbelieve everything you read on the internet – after all, this very post would be pointless otherwise! – but we’re saying it’s important to consider where the information is coming from before you decide to take any action. Websites with personal advice and home remedies are often privately owned and operated, and not always by people with the relevant knowledge or qualifications. This means that at best, they might be misinformed and their advice ineffective, and at worst, you could end up making a problem worse. They may even be being sponsored by private organisations, peddling products or services that don’t have your best interests at heart.

Dentistry is a highly complex discipline, and misdiagnosis can have a serious impact. Even a small problem like a toothache might be indicative of a much larger issue, and there’s no substitute to getting an expert to assess your dental problem professionally, rather than trying to diagnose yourself via the Internet, which could lead you to and act on possibly dangerous misinformation.

In the cases of many diseases, such as oral cancer, an early and accurate diagnosis is key for successful dental treatment of the disease, so it’s not worth the risk of relying on Internet advice!

You Can Count On AP Smilecare’s Expertise

dentist talking to patient

At AP Smilecare, you can definitely trust our dental professionals to have your best interests at heart. Every one of our team has years of hands-on experience, along with a healthy dose of natural talent and an extensive background in dental training. This broad range of experience is one of the reasons we’re able to offer our patients such a diverse range of core services.

Not only do we have the skills you need, but we also make it a point to bear your welfare in mind at all times. In cases where you might need emergency dentistry, we’ll be able to advise, and for routine operations we also provide dental sedation, which can ease any fears or phobias you might have about the procedure.

To round off, we’ll say that there’s nothing wrong with collecting information on your symptoms as to what you think might be the cause of your pain or discomfort – but when it comes to deciding on a possible course of action, it’s best to leave it up to us! Take advantage of our expertise by booking an appointment with AP Smilecare – you can pop into our Blackburn dental clinic in person to arrange a time, or give us a call on 01254 297 000.

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