How to get those Love Island pearly whites

Everybody’s talking about Love Island – it’s perhaps one of the biggest shows on UK television right now. Even though it’s only been on for a few weeks, we’ve already got our own favourites and least-favourites, our own heroes and our own villains. We watch Love Island for the romance, the drama… and of course, the teeth. In fact, this year’s Love Island has gained a lot of attention for the teeth on show, which means it’s only natural to wonder: how can you go about getting those pearly whites?

The dazzling smiles on Love Island

If you’re a regular fan of the show, you already know who we’re going to be talking about next. Jack Fincham is a contestant who’s found particular fame for the appearance of his teeth, taking delight in flashing his winning smile to any girl who crosses his path. Of course, the results of this amazing smile aren’t just down to earnest but wishful thinking, but rather the work of a talented dental professional. We think you’ll agree, they done some pretty sterling work!

It’s important for us to say, though, that yellower teeth aren’t unusual for many of us. Years of drinking tea and coffee can eventually take its toll on our teeth, which isn’t fantastic news for those of us who work in offices! Over time, teeth darken naturally due to stains from food, drinks and cigarettes. Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

There are, however, lots of benefits to a whiter smile:

woman smile

That’s where AP Smilecare can help

We offer a wide range of core dentistry treatments here at AP Smilecare, and our teeth whitening treatment is currently amongst our most popular! Our experienced dental experts have a long history of helping patients to get amazing results. Like many dental clinics, we use peroxide based products to achieve this, but unlike other dental clinics, our expertise allows us to carefully use a combination of these peroxides, so that we can maximise the whiteness of your smile in minimum time.

Obviously, your well-being is a foremost priority for us here at AP Smilecare – we’d never risk your safety to get the fastest possible results! As with all of our dental procedures, one of our experts will sit down with you beforehand and go through all of your options, granting you complete peace of mind as you find out the full details of exactly what’s involved.

Of course, we’ll always be on hand to answer any questions you might have – trust us, your smile matters just as much to us as it does to you! To book an appointment, stop by our dental clinic in Blackburn, or give us a call on 01254 297 000.