Teeth Whitening

Have you always wanted a beautiful white smile? Have your teeth yellowed over time? Or maybe you’re simply not happy with the staining that has come from drinking tea and coffee.

Whatever your reason for wanting whiter teeth, you’re not alone – and we want to help.

As we age, teeth darken due to the stains from food, drinks and cigarettes – and there are many other factors that affect your natural tooth colour.

After our teeth whitening treatment, you will see a noticeable transformation in your smile. On a daily basis, we notice how this simple procedure can boost our patients’ confidence.

With our teeth whitening treatments, you’ll instantly see a whiter smile within 3 days.



Just like all UK dental practices, we use peroxide-based products, applied to custom made dental trays, which fit accurately onto your teeth.

But unlike many other practices, we use a combination of peroxides to maximise your teeth’s whiteness, in the shortest possible time, all the while being extra careful with sensitive teeth.

The gel is applied daily onto your teeth via the trays for between 1-4 hours, depending on the whitening protocol we have prescribed.

This gradually lifts the colour of your smile and, because you are in control, you can bring them to the shade you want, whether that’s to make your smile naturally whiter or to create a dazzling shade that people will definitely notice.

Our product line has evolved over the years to reflect the latest and most effective gels that create results that patients love.

We want to provide you with long lasting results, so we don’t compromise on quality. Our gels have been selected to produce gold standard results time and time again.

You can choose from two whitening packages:

Enhance Whiten £200.00 Inc VAT

Complete Whiten £275.00 Inc VAT

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