Smile Like A Saint With AP Smilecare

Research suggests that 73 per cent of us judge how friendly people are by how much they smile.

When you smile at somebody, it shows that you have engaged with them and enjoy communicating with that person.

Smiling however, doesn’t always come that easy. You may find that you hide your teeth under your lips when you smile, or you put your hand up to your mouth.

And the reason for this is…

Sometimes you just don’t feel confident about the way your teeth look.

It may be because your teeth have stained over the years due to smoking. But with our fresh breath treatments this can be so easily polished away in 20 minutes.

Now that all hygienists can see patients without the need for a consultation with a Dentist it’s extremely easy to book yourself in for a ‘fresh breath clean’.

Our professional polishing systems can dramatically whiten your smile – and at an affordable rate of £45, it’s not going to be scary for your wallet!

Our Enhance and Complete Whitening packages are also a really simple and popular treatment to give your smile a boost. With a visible improvement within 3 days your smile will definitely look more saintly.

Teeth can chip and wear away over time and this can be another issue that affects your smiling confidence.

Again, its amazing how modern day resins can instantly transform what you thought was un-repairable!

These resins or white fillings (as they are commonly called) can seamlessly colour match onto your teeth, glue into place and naturally recreate a new you.

This is such a simple but effective way to give back your confidence and it can be achieved in no less than 30 minutes; often without an injection and very little of that ‘whizzy’ noise people seem to hate at the dentist!

You could go one step further and have resin veneers placed over your front teeth. These smiles to go are an instant way to straighten and repair teeth without the expense and delay of having porcelain veneers.

However, if you are looking for a Halloween smile, to complement your Halloween outfit, what about our ‘dracula mouthguards’.
Our mouthgurads are available in various designs and can definitely make you feel more like a zombie from Michael Jackson’s, ‘Thriller ‘ video!

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