Make savings with AP Smilecare on Small Business Saturday

Did you know we have in treat in store for you this Saturday 6th December? To celebrate Small Business Saturday we’re having a very special open morning. All our clients will be able to pop by and find out about all the different treatments we have available at AP Smilecare – from teeth whitening, to adult braces and even our medical skincare services. We’ll have all the need-to-know information on hand and staff around to answer any queries you may have. To top it off, we’ll also be offering 20% off all purchases made on the day! Big savings at Christmas – what could be better!

Explore our dental offerings

At AP Smilecare, we’re passionate about each and every one of our clients. As a small business, we are able to tailor our services to your needs – something that can be a little difficult in big corporations or chains. We offer services to meet all your general dentistry needs, as well as cosmetic services (including teeth whitening, same day smiles and smile consultations), adult orthodontics and dental implants. To help make all our services affordable, we also offer Denplan to all our clients, breaking down payments into small, affordable monthly sums and saving you money on your dental needs over the long term.

Find out about our unique skincare clinic

Being a small business, we’ve also been able to put a unique stamp on our business by offering skincare treatments too. Utilising the expertise of Dr Josephine Prasad, our principal dentist, we can offer professional beauty and skin treatments all in a safe, friendly, expert environment. In fact, we’re the only dedicated facial aesthetic clinic you’ll find in Blackburn! Our skincare services include treatment facials, chemical peels, collagen therapy, anti-wrinkle care, dermal fillers and anti-perspiration treatments. We also stock a whole host of miracle skincare products, which between them tackle most skincare issues – from dry skin to premature aging. You’ll be able to view the range and find out more about our skincare clinic on Small Business Saturday; so if you do have any further questions about it, please do come along!

Why support small businesses like AP Smilecare?

We have tailored, unique services

Unlike some establishments, a small business has real character. We can take time out to listen to clients’ needs and offer a wide range of services that best reflect our skills and talents.

We help build a strong community

At AP Smilecare we’re very much part of the community, offering support and services to locals and supporting local causes. We’re also helping keep money in the local economy, enriching the whole region here in Blackburn.

Product diversity

You’ll know that there are a number of dentists to choose from across the region, but all our services and price plans differ slightly. At AP Smilecare we’ve personally developed a range of services based on our own interests and the needs of local our customers – something we might not have been able to do if we came under one big corporation or chain.

To find out more about Small Business Saturday or any of our services, give us a call on 01254 297 000

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