What’s the difference between crowns and veneers?

Crowns and veneers are quite similar in some ways, so understandably they’re often easily confused. However, they have some pretty crucial differences between them, and it’s important to know what these are if you’re considering any kind of cosmetic dental treatment. With decades of experience to our name here at AP Smilecare, we thought it worth taking a few moments to cover the key differences between them, so you can decide whether or not they really are right for you.

What are dental crowns?

Sometimes referred to as caps, dental crowns are comprehensive restorations that encase the entire visible portion of a tooth. They’re made from various materials such as porcelain, ceramic, or metal alloys, and provide robust protection and reinforcement to teeth that are structurally compromised or weakened due to decay, fractures, or extensive dental work like root canal therapy.

Crows effectively envelope the tooth, helping to restore its shape, size, and strength, shielding it from further damage. Crowns can also enhance the appearance of teeth, helping to conceal imperfections such as severe discoloration or misalignment, and delivering aesthetically pleasing results.

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are ultra-thin shells (typically made of porcelain or composite resin) that are meticulously bonded to the front surface of teeth to mask imperfections and enhance their appearance.

Veneers offer a minimally invasive solution for addressing cosmetic concerns such as discoloration, chips, cracks, or minor misalignments, without the need for extensive tooth preparation or invasive procedures. Best of all, their ability to echo the natural translucency and texture of tooth enamel means they can seamlessly integrate with surrounding teeth – which ultimately results in a flawless, natural-looking smile.

Five key differences between crown and veneers

As we’ve touched upon, veneers and crowns are similar in that they’re both cosmetic treatments that involve specialised materials being attached to your teeth. However, they differ in a couple of very important ways. Some of the main ones include:

1.Material thickness

2. Purpose

3. Preparation

4. Durability

5. Cost

So which is best for me?

Well, you probably already know that the answer is essentially: it depends. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, and your overall dental health and circumstances will play a big role in whether crowns or veneers will be the best choice for you.

Thankfully, that’s where we can help here at AP Smilecare. When you visit our dental clinic, one of our team will happily sit down with you to talk about your dental health, and if there are any specific issues you’d like to resolve, or goals you’d like to achieve. From there, we can then work out what treatments present the best methods to helping you achieve those goals. And of course, if you’ve got any questions, or you need any advice about anything in particular, don’t hesitate to ask. We’re here to help!

So whether you’re considering crowns, veneers, or any other general dentistry or cosmetic treatment, don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01254 297000, and one of our team will always be happy to assist!