Dentures & False Teeth

Dentures or False teeth are not only important to help you eat, but they can restore your confidence when you’re with family & friends. When we create a denture for you, it’s designed to create a smile that looks fantastic, gives you confidence and – most importantly – fits comfortably in your mouth during day-to-day life.

Sometimes your gums may have flattened over time, which affects the support a regular denture needs, or your mouth may have become drier over time. Again, we can offer a number of solutions to help improve how a denture can fit in your mouth.

Our various price points also mean we can always provide you with a denture that makes your wallet happy too.

Read what our patients have to say:-

‘The reason I chose AP Smilecare for some new teeth was because a friend had recommended them. They explained that my mouth had shrunk and that’s why my old dentures had started to move around when I ate. They spent a lot of time designing my smile, and I even brought some old wedding photos in to help. I am so delighted at how my new teeth feel & look. I hadn’t realised that before I had these new teeth made that I’d been avoiding eating nuts – I can eat almost anything now! My teeth are fantastic. Thank you Simon for a brilliant job.’


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