Same Day Smiles

Dental componeers create the ultimate smile makeover, transforming stained, damaged crooked, or worn teeth into a brand new, straight, white smile.

A dental componeer is a thin layer that fits over the front of your tooth, with modern ‘composite’ materials used to create a natural tooth colour.

Patients are always impressed that something so simple can dramatically produce a smile they want.

Professional cosmetic dentist Dr Josephine Prasad gained valuable experience during her postgraduate training in placing and enhancing smiles using this particular treatment modality.

Commonly, we are now seeing teeth that have been thinned and chipped by acids from our healthy lifestyles and sports drinks.

These create short teeth that are not visible when we smile.

Modern resins can seamlessly rebuild this lost tooth structure recreating the natural colour and shape of your original teeth in a durable hardwearing material.

Misaligned teeth that may be instanding in your smile can be ‘moved’ into position by layering a white filling over the surface creating a straighter smile without the need for braces.

These treatments can be performed free hand, by sculpting the resin onto your tooth to create the desired shape, or we can use pre-formed acrylic veneers that come in a variety of shapes and shades that sit over your natural tooth and are bonded into position.

Often, this will involve no or minimal polishing of the natural tooth and will not usually require an injection.

These options provide an affordable, durable alternative to ceramic veneers, lasting up to 6 years.

Best of all, they’re immediate! With as little as 30 minutes in the chair you can return to work that very afternoon with a brand new smile.





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